Final International Workshop «The Demography of the Portuguese Empire. Sources, methods and results (1822-1875)»

From 10-09-2015 to 11-09-2015


Workshop «Humanidades Digitais»



II International Workshop «The demography of the Portuguese Empire, 1776-1875. Revising concepts and setting new historiographical agendas»

From 15-06-2015 to 21-06-2015


Seminar «Contar, descrever e administrar populações coloniais. Império português, sécs. XVIII-XIX»



International Workshop «Escravidão, Resistências e Identidades. Investigações sobre o Brasil e o Mundo Atlântico (Séculos XVI-XIX)»

From 19-02-2015 to 20-02-2015




Workshop «Fontes e métodos para o estudo das populações na América Portuguesa. Séculos XVII a XIX»





I International Workshop «The Demography of the Portuguese Empire. Sources, methods and results, 1776-1822»

From 08-09-2014 to 09-09-2014

How many inhabitants existed in the Portuguese Overseas Empire in 1800? What was the weight of the slave population in those territories? Were there more Europeans in Angola or in the Portuguese India? And which where the regions with higher rates of mortality?

Based on an extensive set of statistical maps issued by order of the Portuguese Crown from 1776 onwards, the research team of the Counting Colonial Populations. Demography and the use of statistics in the Portuguese Empire, 1776-1875 project intents to answer to several of these questions. The “International Workshop The Demography of the Portuguese Empire. Sources, methods and results, 1776-1822” corresponds to the first global meeting of the research team.

A group of specialists – among historians, demographers and staticians – convenes to discuss the first demographical monographs of the Portuguese colonial territories. Starting from a common structure, these demographical studies seek to offer a first picture of the colonial populations, with emphasis on the quantity and quality of the sources, and the social composition of the inhabitants and their demographical behaviour.

Workshop «A perspective beyond the numbers. Trafficking and slavery in Angola and Congo from the 17th to the 19th centuries»


Angola was one of the main slaving centres, exporting African slaves to the Americas, from the 17th century till the abolition of slave trading, in mid-19th century.

Quantifying the transatlantic traffic in terms of their size, origins, destinations and demographic impacts on the native societies has been one of the main axis of the historiography about the slavery in the Congo and Angola in the early and late modern period.

Answering the call "A vision beyond the numbers”, four experts from Portuguese and American institutions agreed to present the results of their ongoing investigations, providing new approaches on the issues of slavery and trafficking in African territories. With an extensive time frame – from the 17th to the 19th centuries – there will surely be important contributions that go far beyond the demographic view of slavery and the slave trade.